Contact and Screening

✉ My booking email:


For official booking inquiries, please fill in the booking form below. At least 24-48 hours notice is preferred.


1. All new friends must be verified, no exceptions. I will never compromise my safety, or yours for any reason.


Screening and Verification options:

 - Provider references - 2 or more: Please include website/ad, email address, and when you last saw the TWO (2) providers.

 - Screening Service & Handle (TER / P411 / DateCheck): P411, TER Whitelists, and RS2K are great supplement to verification.

 - Employment Information: Company, Position, Phone Number, Linkedin information.

 - Copy of personal ID and a selfie.  

 - We can meet in public for lunch, dinner or drinks.


2. Booking in advance is strongly encouraged so we can plan our time together accordingly.


3. The preferred minimum is 90 minutes (1.5 hours) as this gives us sufficient time to get to know each other.


4. Please place your appreciation in an envelope and leave it in a visible location. 



If forms aren't your thing you may email me all the required information along with an introduction of who you are.