Let's Swing

There many providers that advertise visits to Swinging clubs and Swinging experiences ...I would like to take my time and tell you what makes me unique and different as a swinging partner ....you can always check my stellar reviews about club visits as well... 


Let's start with the fact that I really really really love sex ....I am open minded and I love to try new things and experiences... 


My story as a swinger began over 10 years ago...I am couple friendly, bi-sexual and I have visited many swinging clubs, nude beaches, adult resorts in Europe, Jamaica and Mexico, swinging conventions and swinging cruises. I love going to Trapeze and I have had many fun dates there, again please read my reviews for more information.   


My Trapeze dates do not have time limits and I will be your erotic host for a fun night of your dreams. I am validated on swinging sites as well as a fun and enjoyable date. I am very open minded, easy going with a naughty streak. I am very comfortable and enjoy the swinging community and events and that makes me the perfect date for a night out in a swing club/ party of a swinging vacation :)   


My swinging dates do not have any time or play restrictions.     


I spend a lot of time in Europe, where I have the chance to live in  Cap d'Agde, South of France ...this is a nudist and swinging village and I can honestly say one of the best I have ever been in ...I had the opportunity to enjoy swinging clubs, sex saunas and sex clubs in Vienna, Berlin, Paris and Italy as well.   


I meet many interesting people during my travels, learna lot about the European Swinging (Libertine) Culture and broaden my personal experience and knowledge.   


For me Swinging is a lifestyle that I live every day of my life and enjoy to the fullest ...as I said I really really really love sex :)   


This is what I can offer you if you decide you would like to have me as your date